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Dining Chair

The chair is made with carefully cut joinery. The two side frames, are joined in the lower part of the chair with mortises cut directly through the bottom rails. These joints show exposed end-grain and yew wedges, a feature which compliments other pieces of woodwork in this range of furniture designed and made by Peter Leonard Bailey.

In the chair-back, steam-bent rails link the side frames and provide a comfortable support for the one to be seated. The simplicity in the structure of this chair extends also to the minor decorative features the maker allows. Plain stopped chamfers provide a rhythm of shapes in the chair-back and the structure generally. The chamfers, together with the smooth finish of all the components, enhance the tactile nature of this woodwork.

The seat of the chair is made to conform to a gentle curve by joining several pieces of oak glued edge to edge. The seat is solid and comfortable. The seat is fastened to the framework of the chair with polished brass expansion plates. The expansion plates are mounted in concealed pockets cut into the inside of the top rails of the framework.

A feature of this chair is the carved splat in the chair-back. This chair is carved with the symbolic Yorkshire Rose, as part of a set.

The surface coating on this chair is obtained with tung oil, to provide a natural low sheen. No stain has been employed, and the honey blonde colouring of the oak is very beautiful. Quarter-sawn oak has a very characteristic grain pattern. Timbers which are sawn in this manner, are cut so that the sides of the sawn boards fall closely parallel to the radial medullary rays in the log. In consequence, the medullary ray outcrops on the surface of the board. In oak this shows as the 'silver grain' or 'figuring' characteristic of quarter-sawn oak. Apart from its enhanced figuring, wood sawn in this manner is particularly stable. It tends to remain free from warping or 'cupping'.

Dining Chair with carved Yorkshir Rose

42½ in. x 20½ in.(w) x 22 in.
Quarter-sawn White Oak

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