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Dining Chair -

For The Head Of The Table

This chair is designed to match the smaller chair in the 'Yorkshire' series. The construction is similar. The side frames are finished so that the outside surfaces are flush. The tenons of the under-frame are revealed and accented with the contrasting colour of the yew wedges.

The dimensions of the components in the chair-back create pleasant control of the proportions of the framework. The intervals of space and the chamfered edges provide a pleasant symmetrical rhythm. A carved Yorkshire Rose is a feature in the chair-back. The decorative use of the stopped chamfers and the single carved Yorkshire Rose are typical of Peter Leonard Bailey's work in oak.

The arms of the chair have upper surfaces, which are broad and flat. They are supported with knee-like brackets to the chair-back and extensions from the sub-frame at the front. These curved extensions pierce the arms and provide more interest where their end-grain is exposed in the precision cut mortises.

The careful and accurate joinery employed in making this chair is immediately obvious. The chair is comfortable and practical, and its appearance is very pleasant. The underside of the chair is just as carefully finished. Hand made brass 'buttons' (expansion plates), secure the seat to the frame of the chair. In evidence too, is the signature mark of the maker; a small newt, carved in yew and attached to the underside of the seat.

The finish of the chair does not hide the natural blonde colour of oak. This is achieved with tung oil, which tends not to darken with age. This finish is durable and easy to maintain.

The woodwork is pleasantly smooth to touch. It is a characteristic of the furniture of Peter Leonard Bailey, in that it provides for the senses of sight and touch.

Dining chair for the head of the  table

46 in. x 22½ in.(w) x 22 in.
Quarter-sawn White Oak

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