Errington School of Woodwork and Design, Vancouver Island British Columbia
Woodwork classes, Vancouver Island, British Columbia
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Our Goal

The goal at the Errington School of Woodwork and Design is the pursuit of excellence.

It is difficult to decide where to begin with any real instruction in fine woodwork because there are so many things to consider. Our attempt to deal with this problem is to find many starting points in an attempt to bring them together, to enable a comprehensive understanding of several elements in a simple progression, for actually making an object from wood.

With this strategy in mind, it is important to remind oneself about the organic nature of wood and the inevitable compromise met by the designer

Woodwork design is the meeting of the geometry of architecture with the hard fibrous structure of wood, and the outcome is a distillation of the texture, shape and proportion, which the medium evokes.

The making of fine woodwork is about care, accuracy and skill with tools. These are the things that are taught at the Errington School of Woodwork and Design.

Fine woodwork in progress
Work in progress.
The incised letters for Nootka
on the end panel
of the James Cook chest.