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Simple Tool Making In Wood and Metal

The two mallets shown here differ slightly in size and weight. The smaller is made entirely of yew. The larger mallet has a head made from maple, the handle is of yew. The chisel handles are octagonal in section and do not have ferrules. Yew and arbutus have been used for the bench chisels. The large framer’s slick has a long handle made from ash.

Mallets and Chisel Handles for Woodworking
Two Mallets and Chisel Handles

This mallet has a head from maple and a handle made of yew. The marking knife is used for precise layout work, and has a suitably thin but strong blade made from high carbon steel. The blade is held by rivets finished flush with the polished handle. The handles for our knives are made from a variety of suitable hardwoods. Knives of this pattern are generally not available from tool merchants. This kind of knife will prove to be indispensable for those involved in fine woodwork.

Woodworker's Mallet and Marking Knife
Mallet and Marking Knife

These clamps are used primarily in boatbuilding, for work on lapstrake or clinker type construction. In this picture, one clamp is made from yew the other is made from a dense close-grained tropical hardwood. The wooden components are sawn from solid stock. The hinge is a strong piece of leather. The screw is stainless steel. This very useful tool may be made in a variety of sizes. Several clamps of this type are required for a typical planking project.

Long reach clamps
Long Reach Clamps

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