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Occasional Table

Occasional Table in Yellow Cedar

60 in. x 22 in.(w) x 18 in.
Yellow Cedar

The construction of this table is the traditional 'stool construction' with mitred haunched mortise and tenons into four legs.

The legs are turned from three inch square stock. Each leg has a simple curvilinear profile, which suits the plain grain pattern of yellow cedar.

The long rails are chamfered. You will see that two deep bevels are cut along the lower edge of each rail. One of the long rails is also incised with the motto, A mari usque ad mare, in Roman capital letters, for the Canadian Coat of Arms. The second long rail bears a carved note for the year of manufacture.

All the wood for this table was cut from one tree from the Lakelse River Valley. The table top is made from a single piece of cedar. That piece came from the centre of the log and its dimensions indicate the size of the tree; just as the rings when counted describe the tree's age - about two hundred and sixty years. The table top has no jointing and its thickness is very stout. The shaping of the lower edges of the table top echo the chamfers from the rails beneath, in a harmonious repetition.

The table is finished with clear lacquer over which a wax polish creates a dull sheen. The table is carefully made with simple lines to compliment the clean pale colour of yellow cedar.

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