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Dining Table

Red Meranti Wood Dining Table

78 in. x 42 in.
Red Meranti

The main structure of this table has two trestle-like frames. Their upright members are curved and mortised into rails, at the top and bottom of the trestle. Two long side rails and the bottom stretcher, join the two trestles. This joinery is revealed at the ends of the structure, where the end grain of the tenons is exposed.

The top of the table has been made in one piece from matched boards joined edge to edge. Its surface is flat and smooth, the product of careful planing and scraping. Brass expansion plates attach the top to the under-frame. These plates permit expansion and contraction as conditions warrant.

Comfortably curved lines define the shape of the tabletop. The edges of the top are treated with gently raked chamfers, which extend into a sculptured radius. This treatment has the effect of visually 'lifting' this large expanse of hardwood.

Construction of this table is very simple. The design is functional and the piece is strongly made. The lines of the structure are uncluttered and elegant. The table frame members are shaped with stopped chamfers, which provide the only decoration. A small carving of a newt - a signature - may be found on one of the trestles.

The woodwork is finished with tung oil to enhance the red hue of the meranti and to impart a dull lustre. This finish is easily maintained and over the years the colour may deepen and the patina will develop.

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