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Course 1 – Frame Construction in Furniture

Solid wood table

Course Schedules

Course Description

This is a ‘starting point’ course and deals with the fundamental rules of joining wooden components together to form the framework for a simple furniture piece.

The product of the course will be a small table with four legs and a top, all of solid wood.

This table serves chiefly as an interesting vehicle for the student woodworker to learn several important disciplines that provide fundamental knowledge about some of the skills that must be mastered in order to develop as a craftsman woodworker.

The construction and size of the table is designed to be easy to make, even for the novice woodworker. Dimensions and basic construction details follow a pattern in the table project for each student.

There is a choice of wood from which the table is made. The student may also influence the shape and character of the table.

Course Content

  • Measurement and lay-out
  • Use of the bench and the vise
  • Safety in the workshop
  • The datum of face-side and face-edge
  • The rules of planing
  • Sharpening edge tools
  • Choice of suitable tools
  • Dealing with difficult wood grain, including end-grain
  • The choice of suitable hardwoods and their sources
  • Making the haunched mortise and tenon joint as a sample
  • Making the cross halving joint as a sample
  • Making the slape joint
  • Making the solid table top from several boards
  • Use of the band saw
  • Use of the table saw
  • Use of the compound mitre saw
  • Use of the drill press
  • Use of the chisel mortiser
  • Use of the jointer
  • Use of the thickness planer
  • Procedures for clamping and gluing
  • Preparing wood to accept a finish coating
  • Exploring various types of finish coatings
  • Exploring the various options for developing the appearance and ultimate shape of the table

The cost of all materials (wood, glue, abrasive paper, finish coatings, hardware
and fastenings etc.) is the responsibility of the student.